2022 Seminar continues to bear fruit - update from AirQo Uganda

At the Dagstuhl AI for Social Good seminars, seeds are planted for long-term collaborations. It can take years before they yield tangible results, but when they do, they are worth sharing. Richard Sserunjogi, Data Scientist at Airqo in Uganda and participant in the 2022 AI for Social Good seminar, reflects on his collaboration with researchers from Imperial College and the University of Freiburg: “We were able to interest some students and currently one master project was completed, thesis submitted and defended at Imperial College London. A journal article is being worked from this research spearheaded by the team at Imperial. Lastly we’ve collaborated with the team from Imperial College London led by Prof. Ruth Misener on two grant applications opportunities. Unfortunately they didn’t go through but we’re optimistic for future engagements.”

Curious to hear and see more? Read this blog post, or attend the presentation at the NeurIPS 2023 Workshop: Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning.

Written on December 19, 2023